What We Do  

Physical Therapy: Helps patients to regain their strength, mobility and to learn how to manage and adapt to disabling injuries.

Speech Therapy: Focuses attention on overcoming communication conditions such as aphasia, swallowing difficulties and speech disorders.

Occupational Therapy: Teaches patients adaptive ways to regain as much independence as possible with visual perception training. Self care skills, upper extremity strengthening and coordination.

Medical Nutritional Therapy: Promotes a better diet and a healthier lifestyle. with personal counseling and nutrition guidance by our on- site Registered Dietician.

Respiratory Therapy: Assists Patients with breathing difficulties to reduce fatigue and increase tolerance in performing daily activities.

Rehab Nursing Staff: The RNs, LPNs and CNAs on the STAR Unit are specially trained and dedicated to meeting the needs of patients with diverse rehab diagnoses.

Our rehab staff is trained beyond the industry standards,
and our Therapists are certified in the newest modalities.
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STAR program
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